The Wynn Fraser team are renowned for their exceptional knowledge, and the expert advice and support they offer to paint professionals in the automotive, industrial, marine, wood care and decorative trades.

Wynn Fraser Paints Allan Gray

Allan Gray


Allan joined the Wynn Fraser team in 2017, purchasing the business from long time owners Mike and Kathie Verkuylen. He is delighted to be leading such a talented, experienced team who have helped to create a market leading company over the last 70 years. Commencing his career in the horticulture industry before moving to the construction sector, Allan is an experienced leader and executive in the retail, construction distribution, construction services and manufacturing environments as well as Agri business. Allan has a passion for leading positive change, helping people and businesses be the best they can be, and has big ambitions for the Wynn Fraser brand. Allan enjoys continuous learning, having recently completed his MBA, and is a New Zealand business mentor amongst other things. He enjoys giving back to his local community and loves to makes a difference through endeavour, skill, experience and good humour.
Wynn Fraser Paints Anthony Evans

Anthony Evans

Operations Manager

Anthony is highly regarded in the New Zealand retail industry, having held key roles in Category and Inventory Management with some of New Zealand's leading retail businesses. Recently Anthony and his family decided to move north to warmer climates and Anthony joined the Wynn Fraser team, where he is applying his extensive experience and knowledge of retail, logistics and large scale business. As Operations Manager, Anthony is focused on ensuring that the team consistently deliver world class customer service. His exceptional organisational and leadership skills are also making a difference to further develop Wynn Fraser's processes and practices to ensure we remain market leaders.
Wynn Fraser Paints Glenn Lunn

Glenn Lunn

Key accounts and Business Development

If you can paint it, Glenn probably has! His wide knowledge extends across the automotive, marine and furniture trades. Glenn joined the Wynn Fraser team in 2013, after selling up his successful car painting business in Auckland and moving north to Whangarei. Glenn is a highly qualified tradesman and car painter and has also spent a number of years in the boat and furniture industries. Within the Wynn Fraser team, Glenn also works closely with key customers and contributes to business development opportunities within the business.
Wynn Fraser Paints Carl Griffin

Carl Griffin

Automotive Expert

Carl is a qualified panel beater and experienced boat painter, joining the Wynn Fraser team in 2009. He is on the road five days a week, servicing customers from Wellsford through to Kaitaia. Carl’s career has included a variety of sales representative roles with the likes of Wyatt Machine Tools and Strouds where he gained invaluable experience with Graco and airless spraying. Prior to joining us at Wynn Fraser, Carl was the onsite supervisor for TBS Farnsworth at Refining NZ.
Wynn Fraser Paints Rory Nicholl

Rory Nicholl

Wood/Furniture/Tools Expert

Rory brings invaluable all round experience to the Wynn Fraser team, with huge depth of knowledge across our products and systems. Rory joined Wynn Fraser in 1993 and worked with us for 14 years before taking a break and returning to the tools as a qualified Trade Painter and Decorator. In 2010, he returned to the team and (to date!) has clocked up a total of 22 years under the Wynn Fraser name. Rory is one of our great ‘all-rounders’, not only specialising in household painting and decorating but also marine, furniture, spray guns and equipment and our Festool and Rupes power tools.
Wynn Fraser Paints Bryce Gibson

Bryce Gibson

Marine Expert

Bryce has been at Wynn Fraser Paints for over 19 years and has excellent product knowledge across our extensive range. Bryce is our inhouse marine expert and NACE 1 qualified. He can be relied upon to give the best advice on coating systems, taking into account the environment, the product life required, aesthetics, budget and preparation and application methods. He is also trained to use the latest ultrasonic equipment to measure the correct dry film builds, confirming the coatings have the required manufacturers' film builds. Bryce is predominantly in store; however he does have a local marine run every Thursday to provide onsite advice and support to our regular customers.
Wynn Fraser Paints Gavin Proctor

Gavin Proctor

Decorative Expert

Gavin has more than 20 years' experience in the paint and decorating trades, having previously worked at Levene Trade Store. He works closely with our Decorative Trade customers and is responsible for colour matching and tinting, answering technical queries and putting together decorating paint orders, ready for collection or couriers. His responsibilities include Wagner and Graco Airless Machines and accessories.
Wynn Fraser Paints Andrew Prangley

Andrew Prangley

Product Expert

Andrew has indepth knowledge across our product ranges and is one of our two NACE qualified Corrosive Coatings Inspectors. Andrew has been with us for 10 years and is available to provide advice on the most appropriate coating system for your project, taking into account the environment (e.g. coastal, water, corrosive elements etc), the life of the coating required, aesthetics, budget, preparation and application methods. He has also trained in using the latest ultrasonic equipment to measure the correct dry film builds, thereby ascertaining the coatings have the manufacturers' required film builds. Engineers and specifiers utilise this service to be confident of the required outcome.
Wynn Fraser Paints Corum Dickson

Corum Dickson

Colour Expert

Corum is our 'go to' guy in the paint mixing department for any automotive and industrial mixes. Corum joined the Wynn Fraser Paints Team in 2012 as our storeman. Three years later he made the switch to the paint mixing room and is now our onsite expert when it comes to automotive and industrial mixes. Before joining the WynnFraser team, Corum spent a year at Sutherland Security and before that worked as Assistant Manager at the Gas Man for eight years.
Wynn Fraser Paints Vicki Fowke

Vicki Fowke

Marine / General Expert

Vicki has been part of the Wynn Fraser team since 2014 and is one of our Marine Product Experts. Prior to joining Wynn Fraser, Vicki worked in the marine industry for five years, both overseas and locally at Burnsco Marine. Vicki (and Bryce) are regular faces at the Whangarei Marine Promotions welcome and farewell events for the many international boaties who arrive and depart Whangarei's marinas each year. Vicki’s knowledge doesn’t just stop at marine - she is one of our ‘all-rounders’, with strong knowledge in our decorative, furniture and automotive areas as well.
Wynn Fraser Paints Pam Kaaka

Pam Kaaka

Decorative / Colour Expert

Pam is our inhouse Colour Consultant and has been with us since 2001, when she moved from the former Levene Store in the Regent. Pam is passionate about Interior Design and has completed a number of courses in this field. She is available in store every Monday and Thursday to help you design and plan a unique colour scheme for your home or business. A highlight of Pam's job is when customers return to the store, thrilled with her colour scheme suggestions and sharing the finished results.
Wynn Fraser Paints Serrah Ginty

Serrah Ginty

Colour Expert

Serrah is an expert colour matcher in the Wynn Fraser paint room, working closely with our furniture and kitchen customers to find the perfect match and colour finish. Having previously worked as a boat builder and painter for Circa Marine, as well as working on bus construction and as a dive instructor, Serrah brings a wide range of industry knowledge and experience to the business. A dedicated mother of two, Serrah is also a keen artist and painter, with her works brought to life by her extraordinary eye for colour, light and texture.
Wynn Fraser Paints Jessie Beaver

Jessie Beaver

Customer Service

Jessie is a key member of our customer service team and comes from a strong retail background. Like many of the Wynn Fraser team, she is passionate about motor cross and a wide range of other automotive sports such as 4x4 driving. Jessie supports the operational team with stock management, making sure we always have the right stock at the right time for customers. Her welcoming smile and exceptional attitude make her customer service second to none.