The Wynn Fraser team are renowned for their exceptional knowledge, and the expert advice and support they offer to paint professionals in the automotive, industrial, marine, wood care and decorative trades.

Wynn Fraser Paints Allan



Allan joined the Wynn Fraser team in 2017, purchasing the business from long time owners Mike and Kathie Verkuylen. He is delighted to be leading such a talented, experienced team who have helped to create a market leading company over the last 70 years. Commencing his career in the horticulture industry before moving to the construction sector, Allan is an experienced leader and executive in the retail, construction distribution, construction services and manufacturing environments as well as Agri business. Allan has a passion for leading positive change, helping people and businesses be the best they can be, and has big ambitions for the Wynn Fraser brand. Allan enjoys continuous learning, having recently completed his MBA, and is a New Zealand business mentor amongst other things. He enjoys giving back to his local community and loves to make a difference through endeavour, skill, experience and good humour.

Wynn Fraser Paints Sam


Technical Account Manager

Sam recently relocated from Warkworth to the sunny north, Sam joined Wynn Fraser as our Technical Sales advisor. Sam brings many years of experience in the automotive industry specialising in both panel and paint.

From tractors, to Speedway cars, boats, signage and specialty cars Sam has painted it all. So we look forward to utilising Sam’s diverse skills and experience to assist our customers.

When Sam is not at work or with his family, you will find this eager fisherman on the water or rocks chasing fish.


Wynn Fraser Paints Mark



Born and raised in Newport, South Wales, mark made his way to London in 1988 after graduating university for business studies. Then in 1991, he gained his CA qualification for accounting. After many years in London, mark decided to go off on holiday to both Australia and New Zealand in 2002. A year later, Mark decided to make NZ his new home. Originally settling in Hamilton, mark and his family decided to relocate to Whangarei in 2018, and we couldn’t be happier. Mark works behind the scenes overviewing accounts. He’s a wonderful asset to the team.

Wynn Fraser Paints Joan


Accounts Payable

Joan has recently joined the team in our accounts payable department. She's often hiding out in the office reviewing our accounts, and making sure things are running smoothly. A medical scientist by profession, Joan brings a unique set of skills with her that complement the team as a whole.

Wynn Fraser Paints Callum



One of our newest team members, Callum. Born in Australia, Callum and his family moved to New Zealand back in 2014. With his quiet nature, Callum has been learning the ropes of our inwards goods position. When he's not scanning products in store you can find him working down the isles keeping things in check. 

Wynn Fraser Paints Hone



Originally born in Auckland, Hone has travelled over the world working in hospitality. Finally, has he come to settle in Whangarei, taking on the challenge of paint systems. It’s been great seeing Hone progress his knowledge over the past few weeks, we are excited to have him as part of our team.

Wynn Fraser Paints Maggie



Maggie joined the Wynn Frasers team back in 2017, while she pretends to be our shop mascot her main role is to lead our debt collections operation. Some say her bark is worse than her bite, but she doesn’t think you’d like to find out! Maggie really likes working undercover, she’s often laying back in the sun relaxing, but don’t worry she’s always keeping an eye out! At nearly 50 years old, (in dog years of course) she’s still fast enough to get from the office to outside of the front door before any of the staff members can catch her!

Maggie loves when children come in to visit, especially to give her a scratch behind the ears! She is also aunty to our very own head of security, Wynn!

Wynn Fraser Paints Kim



Kim is one of our newest members here at Wynn Frasers. She has a keen eye for both performance and classic cars, as well as motorbikes. Kim is currently working within our household side to further her knowledge more. Kim is an absolute family and animal lover, fostering and volunteering when she can for the Ruakaka dog rescue. With a heart of gold you can always trust her to tell you what’s what!

Wynn Fraser Paints Sharelle



Joining the team in 2020 Sharelle is one of our newbies. A Gen X we are looking forward to some new perspectives that will add value to our business. Coming from the hospitality industry we are also looking forward to the introduction of a new skill set into the business. Sharelle is taking control of our paint mixing facility and colour matching services. Three weeks in and she says she loves it, that's great. An animal lover and a really creative mind to boot. Expect to see exceptional service from Sharelle.

Wynn Fraser Paints Kelvyn



Kelvyn has recently joined us in our automotive kitchen after nearly 30 years on the tools himself! Falling into the industry at only 15 years of age, Kelvyn has definitely had all the experience! His knowledge also extends to most things automotive, when he’s not smashing out colour matches, he’ll be at home tinkering away with his own projects!

Wynn Fraser Paints Nico



One of our newest members to the Wynn Frasers Team, Nico has had a warm welcome to New Zealand since moving here in May of 2022. Working in our Inwards goods station, Nico is starting to adjust to our large product base. A lover of surfing and skating, he is a bubbly young individual. We are excited to have him on board and can’t wait to see his knowledge progress. 

Wynn Fraser Paints Wynn



Our new big boy Wynn! At only 18 months old, he's already weighing over 60kgs! With a goofy and playful smile its hard to take him serious, but he doesn't joke around when it comes to security! He can often be seen hiding out the back, occasionally you'll hear him yell out for a quick pat and play. Once he's got you in his sights you don't leave unscathed, he'll attack you with licks and cover you in drool!